“Fundamentally, each and every organization comprises of a network of commitments. In other words, people quite simply manage their commitments to each other in order to get things done.”  – Paul Templer

Our Standards, Our Stand

Real change takes embodied competency

In this rapidly changing, highly competitive world, success is often dependent upon recognizing challenges as opportunities. You can keep doing what you’re doing—focusing on just getting by, making incremental improvements through harder work and longer hours—or you can try learning something new and moving forward more effectively and competently.

Successful companies are typically oriented towards providing value to their clients, rewarding work experience for their employees and generating capital. opusdynamic consulting engagements are designed to enhance organization’s capacity to optimize their pragmatic capital – their processes, practices, IP and the mood of the organization – in order to produce greater levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction and the resultant generation of increased revenue.

Sustaining change takes commitment

At opusdynamic, our work goes beyond merely identifying strategies and understanding new skills. Our focus is on developing and integrating new competencies into everyday operations.

Our associates have spent the past 20 years helping global, high-performing organizations implement Commitment Based Management Methodology and Somatic Practices to achieve unprecedented success. Our diverse roster of clients ranges from members of the military to professional and amateur athletes to privately and publicly held corporations.

Either as part of an organizational mobilization effort or as stand-alone departmental engagements, we offer a suite of programs to train and coach organizations, teams, and leaders in Commitment Based Management. Above all, it’s our goal to help your organization stop merely aspiring to become an even more effective team and to actually start working like one.

Some of the people we’re working with at the moment

Huntington Bank
Beckett Associates
Fiduciary Firewall Consulting
Goodwilll of Greater Detroit
Forgotten Harvest